Pay Day Budget- February 5th, 2015

I hope everyone on here on the east coast is staying safe, warm and cozy today during the “storm”. For the first time in the history of my office we closed before we even opened. I hate to say it but meh’ I’ve seen worse. I don’t think we really needed to close. I was up and getting ready for work when I got the call and honestly didn’t even believe it! I am still thankful however for the chance to snuggle up, watch copious amounts of Gossip Girl and catch up on my favorite blogs!

Here is yet another attempt at a budget as promised for pay day on February 5th, 2015:

February 5 2015 budget

It’ll be interesting to see how it goes! Do you budget per month or per pay?


7 thoughts on “Pay Day Budget- February 5th, 2015

  1. I know! I cancelled work late yesterday afternoon, since we were supposed to get 8-14 inches, and I told my daughter school would probably be closed. I was pretty shocked to discover not a flake had fallen when I got up, and school was not even delayed. It’s been snowing since about 10am, and we have gotten a few inches, but nothing crazy.

    We budget by month.

  2. We’re supposed to get another 30-40 centimeters on Monday too but I doubt they’ll close the office AGAIN only a week later haha. Schools were closed yesterday and today here mainly because no sidewalks were cleared for kids and roads were still too messy for buses. Lucky buggers.

    • I find it a little heard to budget by month as in 1st-30th because my pay days could fall anywhere within there. My “month” for February would be Feb5th- Mar5th. but my parking and insurance come out on the 1st and in my brain that would be the beginning of the month but toward the end of my budget. I think it must be a little OCD!

  3. I budget by the month, mostly because it freaks me out not to get a picture of the whole thing at once — I looked at yours and was like “where’s the rent?” But I agree with Kayla, you should go with any system that works for you, basically.

  4. I budget by payday – I use YNAB (you need a budget) and use the 0-based budget so I don’t like putting things in ahead of time because it looks like everything is in the negative (it’s a mental thing).

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