Liebster Answers


Here I am! Still alive under all of the snow. As I mentioned earlier this week I had been nominated for a Liebster Award by All Around Better Me. I have been nominated before so I won’t be choosing more nominees but I will be answering her questions and I encourage you to all go check out another blog being written from the Great White North!

1. What has been your favourite blog post that you have written so far?
I honestly had to open my blog in another window and search around for a post. I suppose Tips for Surviving a Home Shopping Party is one of my favorites since a lot of females can relate! You want to spend time with friends and also support them without breaking the bank.

2. What has been your most popular blog post that you have written so far?
Again I had to go check the stats for this one! It was How Do You Use Your Credit Cards?

3. Cats or Dogs?
I love both! But I have a kitty named Crash who’ll be interviewed on Frugalwoods soon should you want to hear all about him!

4. What is the nicest thing anyone has done for you recently?
The plow man came and plowed my driveway while I was at work. LOVE LOVE LOVE. BF pays him for it but it’s such a great thing to come home to! I might just go frolic in my driveway later.

5. What is something you have done recently that makes you proud?

Hmm…just last night I mailed off all of my info to get my free credit report from Equifax so I was pretty proud in a “look how grown up I am ordering my credit report” kind of way…

6. What is the best food you have eaten this week?

Ouuu easy! Every few month my city has an event called Chop Chop where local restaurants create a dish for a set price and a donation is made to a inner city school lunch program. Today a coworker and I went out and had a mixed greens salad with apple, blue cheese, walnuts and a house made mustard vinagrette with lobster fingers! (lobster on mini sourdough baguettes) it was delish! Then a client of ours happened to be there as well and paid for our lunch…FREE LOBSTER!

Thanks for the nomination All Around Better Me!


3 thoughts on “Liebster Answers

  1. That’s awesome that your cat is being interviewed at the Frugalwoods! I love those posts, they are always so funny!
    And I’m not really from the great white north… we don’t really get real cold or snowy winters out here, just lots of rain…

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