Oh my goodness what a long week! I’ve been sick since Sunday and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see my new nephew since he was born because I didn’t want to bring my germy self around him but on Tuesday I get to spend the whole day at my sister’s house hanging out with them. I have an earned day off from work from not taking any sick days last year and my sister is still recovering from her surgery so it’s a day with the nephews for me and I can’t wait!

I was able to put a good chunk on my Visa yesterday (pay day) however I have an appointment booked for my MVI on March 19th and the closer it gets the more nervous I get! I’m just hoping it doesn’t cost more than the amount currently in my savings account. I’m happy I have some money set aside but I’m so used to seeing that balance in there that it’ll make me sad to see it go down.

Low of my Week: Going home sick from work on Monday

High of my Week: BF brought home popsicles and ginger ale for me

Newest Favorite Blog to Follow: Debt, Cents and Time


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