Girl Probs

I don’t know if this happens to other people but I really hate when I bring my vehicle in for a “$29.99” oil change special and the guy talks down to me about my vehicle and trys to get me to add on a lot of extra stuff. The garage I normally go to are wonderful to deal with and I’ve never had this happen. They’re flexible with calling/texting me the verdict while I’m at work and I trust what they recommend. This is the last time I try to get in for a “quick oil change”.

Any other ladies have this problem with auto shops talking down to them?


2 thoughts on “Girl Probs

  1. I hate when car places do that! I don’t know about you put I don’t know much about them so when they say something needs to be fixed I get nervous! I usually call my fiance or father and ask them because they know more than me. It’s not a good system but it works.

    • I have a garage that I trust (played hockey with the owner/operator’s daughter) but it just seems to be when I places for a quick “oohh 15 minute oil change! I have 15 minutes!” kind of service. My boyfriend is rarely with me when I get maintenance done since we work really different schedules 😦

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