March Debt Update

That time of the month again folks! I’m just digging out from yet another snow fall. My city has beat our snowfall record this year and has had the most snow we’ve seen for about 50 years. Bleh!

Debt as of March 18th, 2015

Visa: $4,145.16

Student Line of CREDIT: $8,562.22

TOTAL: $12,707.38

Up a little bit from last month but I’ll credit that to $98 car maintenance and registration on my Visa and I also get paid tomorrow so timing makes a difference! Tomorrow is the big day, my Jeep is going in for annual inspection. Last year it cost me over $600 to pass inspection and then over a thousand later in the year! I’m hoping I can make it through this year with around $300 but that might be wishful thinking. Wish me luck!!


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