Fed Up With Winter

I last posted that my city has beat our record for amount of snow fallen in a given winter. Well we’ve got more on the way! I thought it was supposed to be spring on Friday:(. Yesterday I went in early to FT job and worked later at PT job so I worked a 7:30-9:00 day which I do twice a week. I came home and noticed the driveway hadn’t been plowed yet but thought nothing of it and continued to attempt to get in the driveway in 4WD. Well I got stuck. I have NEVER gotten stuck with that vehicle before. It took myself, 4 men, a truck with a plow, and a tractor over an hour to get me out. I wanted to tell them “just push me in the drive way off the road!” but they wanted to back me out so they could clear the driveway. So after many towing attempts I finally got out but…my rear bumper is cracked.

If you remember, today is the day I brought my Jeep in for inspection. The girl at the desk texted me and told me my bill would be $688.08….you may also recall that the balance of my savings account is $650. Today is also payday. I am so thankful that I have the money to pay for the need repairs (I trust this garage, I used to play hockey with the owner/operator’s daughter and know the family). I am thankful but also bummed. I keep trying to tell myself, “this is WHY you’re saving! So you can afford these things when they come up!” it still sucks though.

I’m going to hold off getting my bumper repaired for a few weeks until I can get a little more cash together. Luckily this will be a good week for overtime for me. Hopefully I can pad that savings account again shortly.

Looking on the bright side, things I am thankful for:

– I’m thankful I have the cash in my savings to pay for the repairs

-I’m thankful BF was home last night (he leaves for Truro, N.S. tomorrow for a few days)

-I’m thankful for my new neighbour-friend with a tractor who not only towed me out but also cleared our whole driveway

-I’m thankful to have a garage whom I trust don’t lie to me about the price of repairs/labour and I know that they money I spend there provides income for a great family

-I’m thankful I’m able to work overtime hours to make some more cash

-I’m thankful spring is Friday


10 thoughts on “Fed Up With Winter

  1. Yikes – that really stinks! I’m totally over winter, too. It’s 23 degrees in upstate NY right now, and I’m tired of seeing snow! (Too bad more may be coming tomorrow…) Longest. Winter. Ever.

  2. I hope you are surviving winter out there… Sounds like it has been quite the battle with the snow!
    Congrats on having the savings there for the car repairs. It’s great to have the money there when you need it, eh?

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