Tax Season

This week I had my taxes done,  after owning a little over $500 last year and thinking I had solved the problem, i expected at least a little refund this year.  Wrong! I owe $1420.77 this year.  I still have my tuition rebate to file when I get my statement back but still what a crappy feeling :(.

How are you guys making out this year? Any tips?


11 thoughts on “Tax Season

  1. Ugh, that stinks!!! It’s one thing if you’re expecting it, but to be surprised by bad news makes it even worse. We were surprised to learn that we owed $1,800, last year. We weren’t sure what to expect this year – my husband earned more, but had more withheld from his checks, and I earned less – but were relieved to learn that we were getting almost $2,000 back this year.

  2. Man, that sucks! Sorry to hear about the unexpected taxes…
    I haven’t got my taxes all sorted out yet, but I’m sort of expecting to owe something… weird things with cashing in investments last year for buying our house… I hope to get that all sorted out this week, so we will see…

  3. That really sucks, why would the government do away with such an awesome program!? We have a rebate tax credit that I’m guessing is similar here in Saskatchewan, I really hope it isn’t a trend to get them 😦

  4. Last year we owed about $4500. We thought we fixed the issue this year, but nope, we owe $8500. A part of that has to do with how much money we make and that we bought a house at the end of the year, so we didn’t have enough deductions. Another part is bc my husband wasn’t paying his fair share of taxes, We have hopefully fixed the situation for next year. I am very grateful that we had the money in savings–can you imagine?! Still hurts writing that check though…

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