DYI Home Renovations

I can’t believe it! Spring is almost here, and to me that brings on the desire to change or spruce up my living quarters every year. BF and I discussed it and this year we DEFININTELY need a new deck or one of these days someone is going to fall right through ours! We also would really like to install a half bathroom in our currently laundry room. I have offered to pay for the bathroom (within reason) and BF will be paying for the deck, we will be doing the majority of the work ourselves and buying our own fixtures. The only thing we’ll need to hire someone for is to run the plumbing and I know that can get costly so we’re going to get a few quotes from a few different companies.

Here’s where I need your help! Do you guys have any home renovation DIY tips??(I’m looking at you Debt Cents and Time…) It’s times like these that I REALLY miss John & Sherry from Young House Love…come back guys! come baaack! Can you guys believe the DIY renos they have accomplished?! What do you think it would take to bribe them into coming over and helping me? Would kidnapping be too far?

I will also need to save up some coin for this reno! Since I plan on leaving PT job by the end of May that leaves overtime at FT job which just won’t cut it, I’ll have to come up with some other ways to come up with extra money for the bathroom project. There are some great ideas over at The Penny Hoarder with 29 Smart Ways to Make Money on the Side in 2015 here’s hoping a few of these will work for me!


6 thoughts on “DYI Home Renovations

  1. I’m putting in a new fence in my backyard with a cement footer because I’m tired of chasing my dogs around the block since my current fence has no footer and it’s in terrible condition. It’ll be expensive even though I’m doing all the work (except putting in the cement footer) myself, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

    • BF owns a concrete company! Maybe I’ll send him over to pour the footer and you can help me paint the new bathroom hahaha!! We need a gate installed on our deck to wrangle dogs and children, we have neither but they visit lots lol

  2. Hey! Well, I’m not crafty at all, but changing the register covers to stainless steel/brushed nickel and the wall plates have made such a big difference! We also just changed all the knobs in the house from brass to brushed nickel and it was surprisingly fast (a bit more expensive for those, but worth it). Also we just got new curtains from a discount store, I’m just having a friend sew them since she has a machine 🙂 Other than that, we luckily haven’t done any renos, just cosmetic changes. A bathroom project sounds fun, it’s small enough that you can take your time but doesn’t disrupt your daily life! Post before and after photos!

    • I love getting new curtains! I currently need new blinds in a few spare rooms but am waiting for a bit since I don’t use those rooms often. I hate that a lot of my outlets are “upside down”….how am I supposed to plug my Scentsy plug-in warmers into those?! I might youtube how to flip them before I tackle that job!

  3. We’re too busy fixing stuff that breaks to do a real renovation, but my favorite quick/cheap renovation is just to paint things. Our cupboards look so much better after we painted them and got new pulls. Although there were like 25 pulls — even getting ones that were clearanced it was a painful sum.

    The pulls were really funky: They look kind of beat up, but in a cool way. So I kind of went with that theme and painted the doors black, then dry-brushed green on in streaks. It’s a cool effect. The paint and pulls added up to about $75, which is significantly cheaper than new cupboards.

    Black paint also made a crappy-looking dresser appear sleek.

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