April 2015 Debt Update

Taking a break from overtime and broadcasting to you LIVE from my desk at work. I’ve been really pushing the overtime this week to save up for a few appointments I have coming up and also to help replenish my savings account. My Visa took a small hit when I went away for a hockey tournament but come on, every girl needs to treat herself to 5 for $15 undies at an outlet once in a while!

Debt as of April 18th, 2015

Visa: $3,760.35

Student Line of CREDIT: $8,493.36

TOTAL: $12,253.71

Overall not bad! Down $453.67 from last debt update :). I have a few DIY projects planned for this month. Unfortunately not including the half bathroom 😦 BF and I went outside to BBQ on the weekend and one of the support posts on the deck was lying on the ground beside it so that really needs to be addressed ASAP. Oh well! Everything will get done in time 🙂


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