6 Weeks Notice

I did it! Finally gave my notice at PT job after having talked about it since January! I’m done there the last week of May. It was such a great PT job when I was living at home in my parents’ basement as a single lady, but now that I’ve moved outside of town in the other direction and I’d like to spend time at home with BF it isn’t as convenient for me anymore.

We’ve already discussed that this means I’ll have roughly $300 less coming in a month which I can make up for a bit from FT JOB. We said we’d see how it goes for the first few weeks and if I find myself in over my head we’ll take another look at the household bills and figure something out.

I really hope I can still stay motivated to pay down my debt with less income and I am so excited to be able to finally have my summer evenings off after working retail since I was 16!


11 thoughts on “6 Weeks Notice

  1. I understand what you mean. I’ve thought about quitting my PT job too as it would be nice to have my weekends “off” (not really off since I’d still have plenty to do around the house and for freelancing), but I haven’t because I might need to rely on that income when I quit my FT job. But boy is it tempting to quit my PT job right now!

  2. DownstairsID,

    That’s awesome and congrats! Hopefully it means less stress in your life and like you said – more time! Great job and looking forward to hearing the benefits you are reaping from this!


  3. Congratulations! Money is great, but sometimes it’s just not worth the stress and hassle. Especially when it comes to getting across town for only a few hours at a time/lower pay.

    Besides without the extra hours, you’ll have more time/focus for trimming bills as necessary.

  4. That’s great news! I would love to cut the amount of time I spend at work. Not sure it’s in the cards at the moment but I hope someday I can work from home. Spending time with family and more time on starting a business would be great.

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