The End of an Era

Today is my last day at PT job after 5 years and it’s absolutely a bittersweet moment. Its true that when you spend so much time with people they become like your second family and the ladies at PT job have been with me through so much! Loss, boys, breakups, new jobs, graduations… I’m going to miss seeing them on a regular basis so much! I am very happy to only have one job after tonight though! Luckily overtime is still available at FT job for about 6 more months so I can ease into the financial changes and re-vamp my budget

Since this is somewhat of a new beginning I thought I’d set some new goals for the summer! Stay tuned for upcoming goals posts!

I may be late to the party but I’ve also just discovered the Fun, Cheap or Free Queen! Check out the video about how she budgets here:


Debt Update- May 2015

A day late and a dollar short! I guess I got so side tracked by the long weekend and the beautiful weather that I missed debt update day! I hope everyone had a wonderful Victoria Day weekend 🙂

Debt as of May 18th, 2015

Visa: $3,461.54

Student Line of CREDIT: $8,424.14

TOTAL: $11,885.68

Woohoo! Down in the 11k’s if even if only for a little while! I’ve ordered new summer rims for my jeep and am still waiting to see the charge on my visa but luckily the price will be more than covered by my tuition refund. Still waiting on more quotes to fix my bumper and a few rust spots. I wouldn’t be so adamant to fix them if I weren’t still making payments on the vehicle.

What a crazy few weeks! Got ok’d to work overtime from home and I only have 2 weeks left at PT job!!

Small Update

Hi everyone! Remember me? I have been working my tush off at both jobs so that’s why I haven’t been around much lately but everything is pretty much business as usual. I’m looking around for a cheap set of summer rims for my jeep and looking into pricing for getting my bumper replaced.

I’m excited to be leaving my PT job however I’ve taken on even more work at FT job. Yesterday I decided to go ask my manager about working my overtime from home. Previously people have been turned down when asked but it’s worth the try. I explained that the only reason I left my other job was to be at home with BF more and its currently panning out to be that I’ll need to be at FT job a bunch more than I already am. She has said she is fine with it as long as it’s ok’d by her boss as well. He’s out of the office for about 2 weeks but here’s hoping when he gets back he’ll be ok with it too!