Debt Update- May 2015

A day late and a dollar short! I guess I got so side tracked by the long weekend and the beautiful weather that I missed debt update day! I hope everyone had a wonderful Victoria Day weekend 🙂

Debt as of May 18th, 2015

Visa: $3,461.54

Student Line of CREDIT: $8,424.14

TOTAL: $11,885.68

Woohoo! Down in the 11k’s if even if only for a little while! I’ve ordered new summer rims for my jeep and am still waiting to see the charge on my visa but luckily the price will be more than covered by my tuition refund. Still waiting on more quotes to fix my bumper and a few rust spots. I wouldn’t be so adamant to fix them if I weren’t still making payments on the vehicle.

What a crazy few weeks! Got ok’d to work overtime from home and I only have 2 weeks left at PT job!!


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