Summer Goals

Happy June everyone! I’m so happy to finally see some sunshine. This weekend I was about to get outside and get 95% of all of my planting done for the summer. I got a sunburn for it that I’m still paying for today but I feel like I was able to get a lot accomplished. Also….thanks to my tuition rebate my Visa balance starts with a 2! Exciting to see! 🙂

My new summer wheels came in and are on my jeep! Having them put on only cost me $80 however my mechanic told me there is other work that needs to be done to my jeep and prioritized the list for me as well as giving me a price breakdown. BF ordered my new TPS sensors since he gets a discount and said he’d pay for them as my “retail retirement” gift.

I had my dinner with the girls from PT job and was overwhelmed with how generous everyone was! I have about $75 my favorite store (Indigo), $100 to a garden centre, $25 to a local restaurant and a few other things as well. I’ll miss  them all so much!

As I said before I have a few goals for this summer now that I’ll have some free time:

– Reread the Harry Potter series (guilty pleasure)

-Get my Visa balance starting with a 1 by September 1st

-Emergency Fund $500 balance

-Savings $500

For the month of June I would also like to:

-Try 1 new recipe each week

-Walk 3x per week

What are your goals for the summer? Reading anything good?


7 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. Yay for decreasing credit card balance!
    I really like your goals. They are a good mix of fun and responsibility.
    My main goal for the summer is to get my wedding planned and have it go off with as few issues as possible. Oh, and avoid being a bridezilla if I can…

    • Hey, I really love your blog and I really liked your book challenge idea. I actually just read Paper Towns, and if you haven’t already, you NEED to before the movie comes out – this week I think. Anyway, I noticed you’ve got a lot of savings while you’re still in debt. And I’m not trying to tell you where to spend your money, but it would actually be cheaper to put all that money to paying off your credit card, then put the entire wedding on the credit card again and pay it off again, just by going off what your numbers there on the side bars are. I wrote more about it on my blog .
      I just think it’ll be worth your time to crunch some numbers and see what’s costing you what. But I totally get why people like to have money in the bank.

      • Hi Kayla, thanks for dropping by! I’ve heard of Paper Towns but haven’t read it. I would consider moving my savings over if the balances were closer as I did when I paid off my student loan and drained my wedding account the first time. Right now I still have car repairs looming so I’ll take a look at the balance once it gets lower and decide if that’s the right move for me again 🙂

      • Fair enough 🙂 And paper towns was written by John Green – the guy who wrote The Fault in Our Stars. Amazing writer and one of my favourite authors 🙂

  2. Great news on several fronts! I seriously hold my breath every time I take my car in for maintenance, since it feels like there’s something additional that needs to be done every other time we take it in…

    Our summer goals are similar. I just picked up the book, “Anything Goes: A Biography of the Roaring Twenties”, at the library today. I’m on a real nonfiction kick lately…

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