Practical Gift Giving

As I get older *GASP!* I find myself asking for practical gifts more often. When it was younger I would always ask for something that I wanted but couldn’t pay for myself or was still more of a “want” than a need, like clothes or spa services etc. However this year as my anniversary rolls around with BF I found myself asking him for an oil change and a new lightbulb for my burnt out blinker. Although these things aren’t as fun as getting jewelry or flowers, I appreciate them because I don’t have to spend money on car care, my most dreaded expenses. I also found myself doing this as a broke university student “Hey Mom, would you buy me my Psych textbook for my birthday?”, “Hey Dad, could I have 2 new tires for Christmas?”. I always feel like its a weight off of my shoulders knowing that I can have these things done without having to work them into my budget.

Now that I have two nephews under 3ย I find myself giving them gifts like a t-shirt or small toy and also money for their education accounts that my sister and brother-in-law have opened. This Auntie might not be the most exciting gift giver right now but when they’re so little I’d rather beef up those accounts and I’m sure they’ll appreciate it later in life! (Once they’re a little older I might change my gift-giving M.O. with them). I also bought my parents a gift card to a home improvement store for their anniversary as they’re building a new deck this summer, to me that is something they can use and it’s less money out of their pocket!

Do you ask for practical gifts? How do you feel about giving practical gifts?

P.S. My birthday is in December for anyone who would like to get me a new ice scraper ๐Ÿ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Practical Gift Giving

  1. I always request practical gifts! For Christmas this year, my husband gave me new exercise clothes. Last year, I got a slow cooker for Christmas and a waffle maker for my birthday!

  2. I love the practical gifts. In face these are what I ask for 90% of the time now when I’m asked what I want. These types of gifts just make so much more sense than some random thing I’ll just have to store and never use, or something I’ll just throw away.

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