A Little Help

Hi All! not much is new since my last post except for the fact that we’ve starting replacing the deck, the did all the demo yesterday and drilled holes for the new posts. Of course they were bound to find a few issues/rot that needs to be addressed but so far nothing too bad. Unfortunately they started late and the deck won’t be done for Canada Day (tomorrow) womp womp…

Yesterday I was sitting at work and the following email conversation happened between myself and my father:

“When are you getting your Jeep fixed?”

“When I come up with $1500 to get it done…”
“Ok I’m sending you some money to help with it”
“….are you dying?”
“well we all are lol”

So needless to say I felt the need to call and make the appointment to bring my Jeep in to the shop. I am still sticking to the goal to have my Visa down starting with a “1” by the end of the summer so I have about $500 more dollars to come up with between now and then to cover the cost of the repairs. Luckily I have awesome co-workers who will stay late and work overtime with me without too much arm twisting! That’s the plan though! Bank as many overtime hours as I can in the next few weeks and pad my pay cheques.

I hope everyone’s summer is going well so far and you enjoy your Canada Day/Independence Day festivities!


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