Shifting Money

Hump Day! While BF is away I made it a goal for myself to make a few little changes when it comes to my day to day banking now that I only have one job. Yesterday I walked to the bank where I had PT job cheques deposited to and where I had my wedding account and I closed both accounts. I then opened a new high interest esavings account with my main bank and moved the wedding money over there. I have also called and cancelled an old credit card I had kicking around that I never used. I had only opened it because I worked at the store it was from.

I still have a few more little tweaks to make hopefully tomorrow (my pay day) but am going to try to get back into talking about finances and debt repayment as I seemed to have drifted away! Hopefully I can get a minimum of 20 hours of overtime to submit while BF is away and get that Visa down quicker!


My Faves Lately

I haven’t been posting much lately but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been around! Here are my most recent favorite blogs from around the interwebs:

Fun, Cheap or Free

Frugally Blonde

and an old favorite Frugalwoods

I’m also on book 5 of the Harry Potter series and am excited that it looks like I’ll be able to reread the entire series this summer. What have you been up to this summer? Any new blogs you’ve been reading?

Debt Update July 2015

Well it’s here again!  Debt update day!  Unfortunately it’s not as good as I had hoped thanks to a few car repairs and a little robbing Peter to pay Paul. I’ll update my side bars shortly as once again I’m posting from my phone.

Debt as of July 18, 2015

Student line of Credit : $8286.08
Visa: $3746.62 😦

Total: $12032.70

BF left this morning for a whole week and while I’m kinda bummed out it does provide me the opportunity to work a lot of overtime and maybe even sell some things online to make up for the repairs.

Hope your debt update is better than mine this month!