About Me

Hi everyone! Thanks for dropping by Downstairs and in Debt.

I am a 25-year old insurance underwriter living in Southern New Brunswick. I love hockey, being outside, jewelry, reading and spending time with friends and family. I also have a lot of debt. Well… it isn’t “a lot” by some people’s measure but when there isn’t as much funds coming in as I would like, the debt tends to pile up.

I started this blog from my parents’ basement. I had a mini bachelorette pad set up down there but what 24 year old wants to still be living with their parents? Fast forward a bit and I now live with my wonderful boyfriend and our cat, Crash. I still have the same challenges as I did when I lived in the basement, but now I have an overweight feline and a 28-year old man to feed.

I’ve been at my part-time job for 5 years. I started there through University and have kept it because I love my co-workers and love the extra income that allows me to save a little extra money. Check out this guest post I wrote on why I’m saving for a wedding before I have a ring on my finger.

I welcome any feedback or advice, so please stay a while and let me know what you think!

Goals I Have Reached Since Starting Downstairs and in Debt:

-Paid of Gov Student Loan

-Moved out of the Basement


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