Freshening Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This weekend I participated in a small community event called “seaglass the city” where homeowners were encouraged to paint their doors bright colors to liven things up a little. Local Benjamin Moore stores offered a discount for those who participated. Here are my results!



I’m adding these on my phone so I’m sorry if they’re huge on a computer!

I also got another quote on car repairs and am just waiting on the shop to price out a bumper.

How was your weekend?


Summer Goals

Happy June everyone! I’m so happy to finally see some sunshine. This weekend I was about to get outside and get 95% of all of my planting done for the summer. I got a sunburn for it that I’m still paying for today but I feel like I was able to get a lot accomplished. Also….thanks to my tuition rebate my Visa balance starts with a 2! Exciting to see! 🙂

My new summer wheels came in and are on my jeep! Having them put on only cost me $80 however my mechanic told me there is other work that needs to be done to my jeep and prioritized the list for me as well as giving me a price breakdown. BF ordered my new TPS sensors since he gets a discount and said he’d pay for them as my “retail retirement” gift.

I had my dinner with the girls from PT job and was overwhelmed with how generous everyone was! I have about $75 my favorite store (Indigo), $100 to a garden centre, $25 to a local restaurant and a few other things as well. I’ll miss  them all so much!

As I said before I have a few goals for this summer now that I’ll have some free time:

– Reread the Harry Potter series (guilty pleasure)

-Get my Visa balance starting with a 1 by September 1st

-Emergency Fund $500 balance

-Savings $500

For the month of June I would also like to:

-Try 1 new recipe each week

-Walk 3x per week

What are your goals for the summer? Reading anything good?

The End of an Era

Today is my last day at PT job after 5 years and it’s absolutely a bittersweet moment. Its true that when you spend so much time with people they become like your second family and the ladies at PT job have been with me through so much! Loss, boys, breakups, new jobs, graduations… I’m going to miss seeing them on a regular basis so much! I am very happy to only have one job after tonight though! Luckily overtime is still available at FT job for about 6 more months so I can ease into the financial changes and re-vamp my budget

Since this is somewhat of a new beginning I thought I’d set some new goals for the summer! Stay tuned for upcoming goals posts!

I may be late to the party but I’ve also just discovered the Fun, Cheap or Free Queen! Check out the video about how she budgets here:

Debt Update- May 2015

A day late and a dollar short! I guess I got so side tracked by the long weekend and the beautiful weather that I missed debt update day! I hope everyone had a wonderful Victoria Day weekend 🙂

Debt as of May 18th, 2015

Visa: $3,461.54

Student Line of CREDIT: $8,424.14

TOTAL: $11,885.68

Woohoo! Down in the 11k’s if even if only for a little while! I’ve ordered new summer rims for my jeep and am still waiting to see the charge on my visa but luckily the price will be more than covered by my tuition refund. Still waiting on more quotes to fix my bumper and a few rust spots. I wouldn’t be so adamant to fix them if I weren’t still making payments on the vehicle.

What a crazy few weeks! Got ok’d to work overtime from home and I only have 2 weeks left at PT job!!

Small Update

Hi everyone! Remember me? I have been working my tush off at both jobs so that’s why I haven’t been around much lately but everything is pretty much business as usual. I’m looking around for a cheap set of summer rims for my jeep and looking into pricing for getting my bumper replaced.

I’m excited to be leaving my PT job however I’ve taken on even more work at FT job. Yesterday I decided to go ask my manager about working my overtime from home. Previously people have been turned down when asked but it’s worth the try. I explained that the only reason I left my other job was to be at home with BF more and its currently panning out to be that I’ll need to be at FT job a bunch more than I already am. She has said she is fine with it as long as it’s ok’d by her boss as well. He’s out of the office for about 2 weeks but here’s hoping when he gets back he’ll be ok with it too!

6 Weeks Notice

I did it! Finally gave my notice at PT job after having talked about it since January! I’m done there the last week of May. It was such a great PT job when I was living at home in my parents’ basement as a single lady, but now that I’ve moved outside of town in the other direction and I’d like to spend time at home with BF it isn’t as convenient for me anymore.

We’ve already discussed that this means I’ll have roughly $300 less coming in a month which I can make up for a bit from FT JOB. We said we’d see how it goes for the first few weeks and if I find myself in over my head we’ll take another look at the household bills and figure something out.

I really hope I can still stay motivated to pay down my debt with less income and I am so excited to be able to finally have my summer evenings off after working retail since I was 16!

April 2015 Debt Update

Taking a break from overtime and broadcasting to you LIVE from my desk at work. I’ve been really pushing the overtime this week to save up for a few appointments I have coming up and also to help replenish my savings account. My Visa took a small hit when I went away for a hockey tournament but come on, every girl needs to treat herself to 5 for $15 undies at an outlet once in a while!

Debt as of April 18th, 2015

Visa: $3,760.35

Student Line of CREDIT: $8,493.36

TOTAL: $12,253.71

Overall not bad! Down $453.67 from last debt update :). I have a few DIY projects planned for this month. Unfortunately not including the half bathroom 😦 BF and I went outside to BBQ on the weekend and one of the support posts on the deck was lying on the ground beside it so that really needs to be addressed ASAP. Oh well! Everything will get done in time 🙂